AI of the Beholder

~ 9 min read

We hear a lot nowadays about the many superpowers of AI, but we don't hear much about its highly refined aesthetic sensibilities. Well, that's what I'm here to change! I trained a convolutional neural net to look through thousands of photos taken from on top of the space needle and learn which ones are junk (as a baseline), and even to highlight the most beautiful of the bunch! But while the concept may be a bit of pet-project-floof, it's not without use case: think first-pass filter on a photographer's raw photos; think auto-curated album from your snap-happy vacation. Read on for more!

Speakeasy, the AI Bartender

~ 15 min read

You know that thing where you're hanging out in a schmancy speakeasy and the bartender asks you what you'd like to have—not in terms of a specific cocktail, or even the base spirit, but in terms of the flavor profile? And then just sets to work grabbing one bottle after another until before you know it you've got a little bit of magic in your mouth and you don't even know how? That. That right there is the epitome of mixology, as far as I'm concerned. That's "the speakeasy experience." That's what I've sought to recreate with this app.